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Selimiye is a charming village on the Bozburun Peninsula in Turkey. Over the years it has become very popular with Turkish tourists as well as an increasing number of International guests. In the summer it gets very busy so we are offering you the opportunity to sample the best that Selimiye has to offer, whilst staying in nearby luxurious stone villas with private pools. 

Selimiye is peaceful fishing village that seems to flow along a stunning bay, just along the coast from Turgutkoy and Orhaniye. It now has a new public quay and seaside boardwalk so it is a perfect place to have a walk and explore the many restaurants and quaint shops dotted around the village. Many of the restaurants have tables that overlook the bay so you can enjoy a delicious meal next to the crystal-clear blue waters, or explore the historical ruins of three castles from the ancient city of Hydas.

The beautiful region around Selimiye is also renowned for its rich harvest of almonds and fragrant herbs such as oregano and sage, as well as its famous, delicious pine honey. Discover the old village jail that is now a ruin, built on a small island in the middle of the bay. There is a new boardwalk that runs around the edge of the bay which allows easy access to the bay if you want a swim, and also is lined by many restaurants, cafes, pansiyons and shops.

Our Luxurious Villas By Selimiye

  • Villa Nurtan

    Our fabulous luxurious Villa Nurtan is built in stone and sleeps 6/7. Private Eco Pool. Free 4G WiFi.

  • Villa Lale

    Fantastic luxury Villa Lale is built in solid stone and sleeps 5/6. Private Eco-friendly Pool. Free 4G WiFi.

  • Calendars

    Calendars of the luxurious Villa Nurtan and Villa Lale

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